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BAPI_BUS2175_CHANGE does not update actual finish date

Hello All,

I am facing one problem in updating cProject task using BAPI_BUS2175_CHANGE. I am using cProject 4.5 and carrying out following steps -

1. I am executing BAPI_BUS2175_CHANGE using test sequence.

2. I am Choosing FM BAPI_BUS2175_CHANGE at sequence 1 and FM BAPI_CPROJECTS_COMMIT_WORK at sequence 2

3. I Entered GUID number of the task for which Actual Finish Date is to be updated

4. In Import Parameters IS_TASK, I am entering "EN" in field "TASK_NAME_LANGUAGE" and actual finish date i.e. "06.03.2014" in field "ACTUAL_FINISH_DATE"

5. Then in Import Parameters IS_TASK_UPD, I am marking "X" in fields TASK_NAME_LANGUAGE and ACTUAL_FINISH_DATE

After execution of BAPI, I am getting following messages

I         DPR_BAPI             157       BOR object Task '00000000000000006054': BAPI method CHANGE

W      DPR_TASK             026      Duration of task is being adjusted - actual dates exist

W      DPR_SHARED        246      Task subtask_4: Status "Released" - No automatic scheduling

S       DPR_BAPI              113        Valid data is changed after saving successfully

Then I go back and save

But the Actual Finish Date does not get updated on task in cProject.

Request you to kindly provide me inputs on the same in case I am missing something or following some wrong sequence in BAPI

Thanks and Regards,


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2 Answers

  • Mar 07, 2014 at 06:38 AM

    Hello Mayur?

         Do you call this FM while running cProjects? Is it somewhere in the business logic? If so, you should know that it's advised not to use COMMIT WORK and just allow the standard Save functionality.

         The reason behind is:

         1. You update your data and commit it to the database. (This is alright outside cProjects).

         2. But then in the load project you already have the old data. So when you press the Save button, this will overwrite the entries you already save in the DB.

    I hope I got it right... maybe you can provide some more details.


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    • Hi Tudor,

      Thanks for your reply,

      I am trying to update Actual Finish Date on existing tasks available in projects of cProject.

      But when I execute the BAPI, project was not open on any of the screen. Even messages I am receiving during the execution specify successful updation of task.

      But when I press the save button, results does not get updated in tables

      Best Regards,


  • Mar 12, 2014 at 11:24 AM

    Hello All,

    Request your kind inputs on this...

    We are stuck up here and not able to get through

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards,


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