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Nov 09, 2005 at 02:28 PM

Workflow for CATS



We are using CATS ( Cross Application Time Sheet) application for filling timesheets using SAP transaction CAT2. We are also using workflow to approve the time entered by the employee. The SAP standards workflow WS40001001 get triggered by the event 'CREATED' of object type CATS . The relation has been maintained using event linkage transaction SWETYPV. So whenever the employee books his time using CAT2 transaction and releases it and saves it, workflow gets triggered and workitem appears into the inbox of the manager/superior of the employee for approval. This works fine. When the manager executes the workitem, he is supposed to be shown with the employee timesheet data for approval, But in our case whenever the manager executes the workitem an error message 'No data found' appears. This happens consistently for the data entered for any date.

When the manager executes the workitem, the method 'Approve' of object type 'CATS' gets executed. It passes workitem id to call the transaction CATS to show the timesheet data. The relation between the timesheet data entered and workitemid is stored in table CATSDB. When we checked the entries in table CATSDB where the data of CAT2 transaction gets stored, we found that the workitem id field is incorrectly populated. It is not populated with the workitem id which the manager has received in the inbox but with some old workitem id.

We are on ERP2004

Can someone help in this regards ?