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QM Integration integration/implementation into established system

Hello Experts -Colleagues

I am in the kickoff stage of a new QM implementation.

Client has an established solution ECC 6.0, which does not have QM.

They are a regulated HACCP facility.

PP is installed. Process Orders drive inspection lot creation in other plants where QM was implements some time ago.

My question is:

Before I do any type of basic config., or development, what basic considerations should be thought through and planned out, prior to going forward. I'm aware of and have thoroughly read the QM prerequisites and building blocks.

My question is based on the fact that several settings for PP and SD are already in place which QM can and will negatively affect if not properly and carefully planned.

What type of basic checks should I make prior to any changes or config settings in my first sandbox and development clients??

This would be much easier if all modules were being implemented simultaneously as in a typical SAP launch including QM.

Hope the question is clear. I appreciate all help and different ideas. All answers are correct answers.



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3 Answers

  • Mar 07, 2014 at 04:04 AM


    Question is quite clear but not enough, I guess. You said they have PP & SD in place, what about MM?

    Implementing QM would results in several facts,

    • Inspection lots,
    • Quality stock,
    • Quality costing,
    • QM orders,
    • Quality Notifications,
    • and various other activities.

    If I say about PP, you first need to look after materials for which client need an inspection, analysis. Once QM is active, material would be shifting to QI stock and if not desired, it will be big headache to do TP. Yield calculation on the basis of Quality inspection. There could be in process inspection so you must look after operations. Look for the process, identify the check points & accordingly activate inspection type considering the logic for inspection lot generation.

    And there is batch management. What level of batch is maintained? Is it at material level, plant level or client level? This would slightly hamper the QM functionality and therefore, you would need to work accordingly.

    Coming to SD, there are customer complaints, return material, delivery inspection etc.

    Get to know what client is looking for. Is inspection required at any stage? If yes, then what kind of inspection. Do they expect inspection once the material is returned? Do they look for it once the delivery is made? Do they need customer specific inspection for the same material?

    Identify the process and look for best inspection type and info records. If they need return inspection, stock management can be further query.

    Once you get the process understanding, you would be able to identify the QM check points. Accordingly implement the logic and functionality.

    And you didn't say about MM?

    Then comes configuration & master data. Extending the QM views of required materials & appropriately generating the master data.

    I have shared my views on this query of your's. I don't know to much extent I did meet your expectations. If you have more stuff to ask, please share.


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  • Mar 07, 2014 at 05:29 AM

    Hi Verrazano,

    As in other plants QM is already implemented and now it is going to be implemented at your plant, Its a roll out project. All necessary basic config will be copied at your plant also. Provided, business process is almost same.

    I would suggest you to list down all Business processes, and prepare separate sheets for its Cut-over data and Master Data.

    Cut over:

    1. Check physically,how many stock is under Quality inspection? Do you want Inspection lot for these stocks and so are you going to change stock type to QI once QM is implemented? (MM-QM)

    2. How much Quantity for FG stock is picked in Outbound delivery but PGI is not done, and does QA require its clearance for FG material. Check report VL06O. (SD-QM)

    Master Data:

    1. MICs, inspection methods, Inspection plans will be prepared for new plant separately, Routings/Master recipes will be there in PP, Defects, Catalogs, Selected sets will be copied with config but make sure if you do not need to add specific to your plant.

    Important thing is having BDCs/LSMWs ready for uploading, prepare all master data in respective Master data Templates.

    2. Inspection types: Make sure you activate or complete all pre-requisite things to get inspection lot generated. e.g. for Inspection type 10 inspection you must assign Inspection Lot Origin to Delivery Type.

    3. If recurring inspection is required, Prepare list of all existing batches with their SLED and Next inspection date. Change next inspection date in Batch master once QM is live. Before this you are supposed to Maintain Inspection interval in Material master.

    These are the points I could re-collect. There might be other things I am missing here, Process understanding will be crucial before setting approach for any such project.


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  • Mar 07, 2014 at 08:08 AM

    Hello Verrazano,

    If you are interested, take a look on the document SAP QM Master Inspection Characteristic Architectures which we created here. It might help you setting up the master data architecture.



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