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Mar 06, 2014 at 12:37 PM

No funds center entered/derived in item:Message no. FI313


Hi Expert,

I am facing some problem like subjected:

Actual problem was like following.

My client forgot to settle WBS to AUC before asset year closing for financial year 2012-13 and open asset posting for 2014.

As a solution to settle balance of financial year 2012-13 I suggested them as following :

1.Create a new WBS

2.Before settlement first transfer the Cost from OLD WBS to New WBS using KB11N.

3.Run the settlement for old WBS , so that the cost of AUC will become zero, as credit entries will happen when you transfer cost from old WBS.(Credit entry in Old wbs and debit entry to New WBS)

4.Run the settlement for new WBS with receiver as AUC then you have to settle AUC cost to Asset.

But when they try to follow my above suggested process they are facing subjected error.

In my client place Funds management is activated.

During running my above process I found system is not able to trace fund centre and I when checked in FMDERIVE rule is value(Fund centre) is maintained for both the Old as well as New WBS.

SO now I am not able to understand where is issue persists.

Why during transaction it is unable to derive fund centre for WBS.

Detail screen shot attached

Or is there any other issue existing??

Pl give or guide so I will able to resolve this issue.

Thanks with expectation!!