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Hello Willem, Just to ask how you have used the inboud idoc SUBMAS from External System.

We have the same requirement where I need to Create/Update or Change Specification using the said inbound Idoc.

Flow: Third party -> PI -> SAP PLM.

Creation Specification :

Just to ask what are the tables and fields need to populate in order to create specification together with its property detail under property tree.

Update or Change existing Specification:

Tables and fields to update its property details under property tree.

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2 Answers

  • Jan 18, 2017 at 03:15 PM

    Hi Jim,

    These are too many to list and highly depend on the data you want to create in the SAP System.
    I therefore suggest that you create an Out Bound IDoc for the specification that you want to create to understand which tables you need to fill with what kind of data.

    Please keep in mind that most of the data is normally phrases and therefore you might need to create the phrases via IDocs before as well.

    Hope this helps


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  • Jan 19, 2017 at 08:32 PM


    the hints and tipps of Mark are helpful. But a kind of warning: was explained by Mark:

    Either on level of source system, at least in PI; you need to have prepared a "similar" customizing (including the topic of phrases etc.) to "map" data.

    The reason is "simple": In >99% of practical cases the "thrid party" system does not use EHS data model. To "create/update" one specifation somehow you must pass on the needed data

    In real live I have not seen many such approaches (but it is possible). Not only teh topic of "source system PI" is challenge but PI => SAP ERP as well. The structure of teh used IDOC must be understood very well !

    You will find may be <10 threads here (or in the archive based on SCN system) dealing with this demand


    PS: there are not many examples out there in context of using ALE like Third party" => XI/PI => SAP

    Most of the "inbound" options usd in SAP are

    1.) Standard import interface

    2.) use of SAP OCC

    3.) use of similar tools like SAP OCC

    In context of "ESCOM XML" interface: ALE ist not used (but different option)

    Let use assume this: "Third party" system might be MS Access. To maintain data here you have set up a data model. Now using ODBC interface in MS Access you can Connect to XI/PI.

    Now we have to differentiate: create new spec or made an update on old spec. For the first one: there is no "spec" in the target. Here you need "only" to map data. For the second one. this you can only be achieved if you know in MS Access either the "Spec id" or you use some "unique identifiers" so that later the ALE process can identify the spec ID in data and so the interface can book the data

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