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Nov 09, 2005 at 10:16 AM

SSL port 443 for ITS and Certificates


IIS and SSL question

I am setting up SSL for my ITS 6.20 Instances and using windows 2003 IIS 6. On my Wgate I have 3 ITS instances R3 uses port 91 crm uses port 92 and the admin uses port 93




I have 2 issues.

Within ISS I have given the hostheaders value as

So if the users enters the following:-

http\\scripts\webgui! Directs them to my R3 system

http\\scripts\webgui! Directs them to my CRM system

http\\scripts\admin! Directs met o my admin client

I am in the process of setting up SSL. I have generated the certificate for my instance for port 91, as my registered URL is going to be I assume that I can use the same certificate on the other 2 instances. Am I correct in thinking this ? I am not sure if I have to generate 3 separate certificates.

My second query is that the default ssl port is 443. Do I have my 3 ports 91, 92 and 93 going all through port 443 or do I have to create separate SSL ports for each ITS instance.

To activate SSL I am assuming that once I have obtained the certificate within ISS I just use the web configuration tool as described in note 688295 and make the following entries: -

Goto 'Matching URLS' and look for button 'add' and press it.

You should see an additional line like:

http xxxx 9999 /scripts/wgate ADM yes no

change that line to

https default 443 /scripts/wgate ADM yes yes

I have the following

Protocol Domain Port Scriptpath Instance Available Require SSL add

any default 91 /scripts/wgate DRI0 yes no

any default 92 /scripts/wgate DCI0 yes no

any default 93 /scripts/wgate ADM yes no

If they all use port 443 how will the use be directed to the correct system.

Any help would be useful