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Mar 05, 2014 at 10:24 AM

Passing parameters to SAPGetData Function from other Excel workbook



We are using SAPGetData function to derive data from BEX Source in Analysis for office. lets say, i have 100 cells of data to populate and

In each cell i need to pass account, customer ID etc within SAPGetData function.

What if i do not want to hard-code these parameter values within SAPGetData function, but i want these values to be referenced from a separate excel workbook.

For ex:

=SAPGetData("DS_1","Amount CP","ZF_Customer_ID=100","ZF_Account=X000000099U","ZF_Location=US")

I do not want to hardcode the values of 100, X000000099U, US in my above example. I want it to reference from another excel workbook ( where these values would be present ).

I kind of came across an excel forumla named as INDIRECT, but i am not sure as to how to use that here. Any ideas ?