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Mar 05, 2014 at 09:57 AM

Zipping the output payload and Unzipping the incoming payload with HTTP_AEE Receiver adapter


Dear Expert,

I have a synchronous scenario(ABAP proxy to HTTP_AEE) to send the payroll of the employees to bank. As payroll payload size will be huge, I need to Zip the outgoing payload to bank, also I need to unzip the incoming payload(response) from the bank, because bank will be sending the response in zip format.

As I am using HTTP_AAE receiver adapter, therefore HTTP_AAE receiver adapter needs to zip the output payload as well as unzip the incoming payloads from bank.

I understand we have PayloadZipBean , to do zip and unzip, and we can configure it under module tab, however I just want to clarify the below point.

1- Can I do zip and unzip both under the HTTP_AAE receiver adapter, if yes then what will be the order? I mean first zip then unzip right?

2- Has anyone used PayloadZipBean with HTTP_AAE receiver adapter in sync mode, if yes, please share you experience.

3- I need to name ZIP file after zipping as "PRMSG" , how can I give name in HTTP_AAE adapter, I have tried with zip.filenameKey but it didn't work.