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Mar 05, 2014 at 08:40 AM

New condition type print preview time out.


Dear all,

I am a ABAPer.

I am facing one problem in PO Print preview.

My MM consultant defines one new condition type-ZPF5 .

Instead of ZPF2 we are using this condition type- ZPF5.

After that in PO ,Net value & everything coming fine.

There is a smartform also related to this.

I have added all logic related to ZPF5 .

But when going to print preview In production & clicking on print preview,

It is giving time out after 9-10 mint-Time out for ALL po,not only for this condition related .

v_no = &SFSY-JOBPAGES& -1. "in this line.

&SFSY-JOBPAGES& means " Total number of pages in the currently formatted print request.

I saw M/08 - ZPF5 Print equal to 'X ' & Statistics is ticked for this.

But when I revert back old SMART FORMS & PRINT = blank,print preview is coming fine for all PO except

ZPF5 Is not affecting in print preview,but in PO affecting.

Any help from MM side?