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Former Member
Nov 09, 2005 at 07:29 AM

Urgent : Home -> Documents -> Overiview -> Public Documents



I want to make some modifications in the Public Documents iview which could be found here in the Portal:

Portal Content -> Content Provided by SAP -> End User Content -> Standard Portal USers -> iviews -> -> Public Documents.

Normally, when we click on Home -> Documents -> Overview -> Public Documents, i get the public documents iview in the content area. We can see Entry Points > Public Documents. Here if you right click on Public Documents, you get a context menu which has the following options:

1) New -> folder, upload, text file, HTML File, Link, External Link and Forms.

2) Add to portal favourites

3) Send To

4) Go to

5) Details for Link

6) Details

The modifications that i want to make:

1) Remove the options Link, External Links and Forms from Context Menu Item or Option "New"

2) Remove the options 'Send to', 'Go To' and 'Details for Link' from the context menu.

How can i achieve this ? Point would surely be awarded 😊 !!!

Thanks in advance.