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Mar 04, 2014 at 12:58 PM

SPM - How to add catalog, products... to your store



I have created a store, a campaign and an offer following the steps of the SPM Portal Tutorial : Getting started with the SPM evaluation

I was able to see the offer on my mobile just by using the app I created for Android, following the SDK Android Tutorial : SAP Precision Marketing Android SDK

Now I would like to know how to add stuff to my store. I'm trying to do it using the SAP Precision Marketing Partner Services API :

, by sending Rest Requests to the server: I managed to get a transactionid, but at this point I'm completely lost. I would like to know:

- Is the rest request call method the only way to add stuff (products, catalogs) to the store, or is there an easier way?

- Is the encryptation method (1- sha1 hash code, 2- base64 RSA,...) necessary to perform any request?

- If the answer to the two previous questions is yes, I would appreciate an example of the whole process of sending a rest request: encryptation, attachment to the request, etc.

Thanks a lot for your time, I know this is a bit long but I'm new in SPM and I'm a bit lost. Any answer will be welcome.

Best regards,