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Mar 04, 2014 at 09:08 AM

Windows AD login configuration issue


Hi Experts and Guru's

I am facing issue with Windows Active Directory login configurations

the error i am getiing is as blow:

"Accout Information Not Recognized: Active Directory Authentication failedto log you on. Please contact your system administrator to make sure you are a member of a valid mapped group and try again. If you are not a member of default domain, enter your user name as UserName@DNS_DomainName, and then try again. (FWM 00006)"

My Landscape Detaisl:

SAP BO XI 3.1 SP5 installed in Window 2008 R2

My doubts:

I am following Tim Ziemba document "Configuring Vintela SSO in Distributed Environments – Complete Guide"

A little about our AD Server land scape

Our AD server is a cluster of servers which is managed by a load balancer: GC.ED.NET

eg: GC.ED.NET >> Node 1,Node 2,Node 3

so we intially created SPN against servie account "Puser" in "Node 1" among the AD cluster where user and Group is created but when we tried with the load balancer id : GC.ED.NET in Krb5.ini it was not working, I tested this using KINIT command and no ticket were raising.


then we had given the node server name "Node 1" where the service account and group is created, still no response

then the Window AD Administrator suggested that we need to create SPN against the Node too so he created a SPN against "Node 1"


then the KINIT command was generating ticket but when i tried this in BO infoview i am getting the erro i mentioned above

Kindly help as I am finding very difficut to move forward

Thanks in Advance