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Mar 04, 2014 at 09:00 AM

How to deploy a single PBL (Build Runtime Library) in 64Bit


Hello There,

I am testing PB15 and create
two Project Files within the application. One Projectfile to compile a 32Bit Version and the other one to deploy a 64Bit version in P-Code. We are delivering today Patches in a Patch Library at the top of the library list (we are aware for the dependencies and know how to avoid the “Wrong Function Call” issue).

How can I create a Patch Library for 64Bit?

Today we just recompile the Patch.PBL two times and rename Patch.PBL -> Patch.PBD. But that did not work with 64Bit Project because I can’t choose the desired Platform (I am guessing it is always compiles in 32Bit).

There is an additional menu point “Build Runtime Library” which seems to have the settings / option similar to the Project settings. But there is the Platform the missing link either (see attached Picture).

So how can I get a single PBL compiled in 64Bit without deploying the whole Project?

Compilation of the Whole app takes about 6 hours and results in full XCOPY deployment
of 730MB (in 64Bit), so we want wait that time or deliver so much files if a single
Patch.pbd of 500KB would be sufficient.