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Mar 04, 2014 at 08:06 AM

Error in Material Provision Indicators T417 after upgrade to EHP 7.0



Recently we upgraded our system to EHP 7.0. After that in our standart PM process we get error "Customizing of material provision indicators incomplete" (AD_SUBCON 141). I noticed that reason is new enhancement implementation ADSUB_LCK01F0C whete you can find extention of perform MATERIAL_KALK_CHECK from FM CK_F_RESB_AMOUNT_CALC. Inside that form function ADSUB_EVALUATE_T417 requests for field EV_BEIKZ_X which doesn't exist in our table T417 (we have only K and L) as we didn't activate neither LOG_EAM_ROTSUB, nor LOG_EAM_ROTSUB2 business functions. We don't want to activate they required also other business functions.

Did anyone faced such issue? Found OSS note to fix it?

From my point of view solution could be updating table T417 and T417T(texts). Does anyone have any other ideas?

Beside that may I ask anyone to give me values from that tables?