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Mar 03, 2014 at 10:35 PM

PI 7.3 IDoc Sender No party configured for agency


Hello experts,

We are migrating from 7.1 to 7.3. We have a business partner sending us IDocs. The first test from the sender system to PI 7.3 was successful. The second IDoc type failed to process and gave us the following error messages:

[JRA]serverExceptionOccurred. Server XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_ODA, Managed_Application_Thread_23, connectionId=5-|sapgw00|XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_ODA, Exception: (104) JCO_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: Commit fault: ASJ.ejb.005043 (Failed in component:, BC-XI-CON-IDO) Exception raised from invocation of public void method on bean instance for bean*xml|*xml|IDocReceiverBean in application; nested exception is: (raised by system |ODACLNT000_AAE)


No party configured for agency <business system>, scheme ALE#LI and name 0000000001

ODA is the SID for PI. ODACLNT000_AAE is RFC destination from the sending system.

Again, this worked with an earlier IDoc. The main difference I see between the two IDocs is in the control record.

Successful IDoc shows partner number as <logical system name> and partner type as LS.

Error IDoc shows partner number as 0000000001 and the partner type as LI. If we edit the IDoc in T-Code WE19 and change the partner number and type, the IDoc passes.

Both scenarios work when sending to the 7.1 system. We would rather not have our business partner change their process.

Any help or ideas on how to handle this by only changing settings in PI 7.3 are appreciated.