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Mar 03, 2014 at 06:51 PM

Get row index when Link control is clicked in table


Hi all,

my UI5 table is made of rows arranged as follows:

Column 1: Link (upon clicking the Link, a ThingInspector will open showing details of the item)

Column 2: Text (short description of the item)

Column 3: Image (upon clicking this Image, the item will be deleted)

If you click on Link for a given row, the selection in the table will not change.

However, I need to be aware of which item is being clicked so that details can be displayed in the ThingInspector.

The only solution I've found is to bind the 'target' property of Link to the 'id' model field. It acts just as a storage for the id value.

When press is triggered on the Link, I check the content of 'target' property of the current link through javascript and act accordingly.

The same problem happens with the Image column.

I guess this is not a good design, but the only alternative I found is to subclass both Link and Image to add a new property, which looks a bit overkill to me.

Can anyone please show the best practice for this scenario in UI5?

Thanks a lot