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Mar 03, 2014 at 01:07 PM

Table data getting locked for multiple user for a Z-table updation after EH4 to EHP6 Upgrade



We have one new upgraded system at EHP6, earlier system was at EH4 where multiple user can Run one Z T-code and can edit the entries for the Z-table.

This Z-Tcode is calling SM30 internally for updating the Z-Table.

Now in the upgraded system, when one user is into the transation code, and other user runs that T-code, systems throws a POP-UP mesg saying that the data is locked and can be displayed only(can not be edited).

I have debugged the code in both the environment and found that there is one statement Call C_ENQUEUE ID < > field. for which the Sy_Subrc is coming as 2 in the upgraded system which is causing the issue, where as the sy-subrc is 0 in the system at EH4 level.

Can any body tell me why this Z-tcode is not allowing to be accessed by multiple user at same time for Editing(updating the table) .


Archana Jha