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Mar 03, 2014 at 10:53 AM

Problem while using print Control in Smartforms


Hi All,

We have a requirement to print the output in a page smaller that A4 size(in a pre-printed stationary). Now when we print this in the printer it prints thinking it as an A4 size and move to 1/2 of the next paper too. The problem is we cannot update the printer setting in each and every printer as we have a lot of printers.

So we got to know that we can create print control and add that in the device type with a specific hexadecimal code. We created the print control and added in the device type of printer and also calling that print control from our smartform too by creating a command node in smartform and include our print control.

By doing all these steps too our we are not able to send the print control commands to printer, we checked the note 5799 too and in that they have specified to go to debugger mode in SPAD but we are not able to find that too.

Can you please help us why these print control are not being picked up by printer from our smartforms, is there any steps which we missed or something we need to do extra.

Your help in this regard is really appreciated.


Jitendra Singh