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Mar 02, 2014 at 02:45 PM

SAP HCM Process and Forms "Extended Notification"


Dear All,

I am working on extended notifications through SAP HCM Process and forms and I am confused.

I have configured the workflow extended notification using SWNCONFIG and when I run the report SWN_SELSEN it sends the work item to external email of processor (agent) correctly. This way we can send any work item (task) to agents via email id.

My confusion is the container element "notify_via_mail" in task TS33700022 (for example). why it is required ? since we can send work item to email without this container using SWN_SELSEN as background job.

Maybe when we use notify_via_mail in the required task we don't have to run SWN_SELSEN and work item automatically sent to external e-mail ID as soon as sending workflow tasks completes.

Kindly guide me on this.