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Feb 28, 2014 at 04:31 PM

A/R / A/P Aging question


Our customer frequently needs to run aging reports as of a date in the past (i.e. they are running 11/30/13 right now). In order to get the report to tie to the trial balance, we need to select criteria to include customers/vendors with a -0- balance and Display Reconciled Transactions. This results in a huge report that is almost useless. We need the transactions that are reconciled within the period range in the selection criteria to NOT display; that data is irrelevant to the aging. Many of the sales are point of sale so the invoice and payment occur at the same time, we don't want those included in the report. Deselecting the "Display Reconciled transactions" omits balances that were outstanding as of 11/30 because they were reconciled after the period range selected. Many reconciled transactions do not fall into the same aging buckets which is creating inaccurate aging balances. For example if a invoice is due 9/30 and paid 10/21, on the 11/30 aging the invoice falls into 61-90 days and the payment falls in 31-60 days, therefore each of these bucket is off (and really it shouldn't show at all because it was reconciled at 11/30). You'll see in the screen shots this output show the A/R 0-30 day balance as a negative, that is actually their largest balance. In the other screen shot, you'll see where the payment and the invoice do not fall in the same aging bucket.

counting 101 so it not existing doesn't make sense. Any insight would be great!!

customer is on 8.82