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Feb 28, 2014 at 04:06 AM

Setting up Discontinued Materials in SAP


Hi Experts,

I require your assistance in setting up the Discontinued Materials functionality in SAP.

We don't use BOMs but generate the demand through Projects and work orders.

The scenario is, I have a material (A) with a current stock balance of 4 which is to be discontinued and Material B will be used in its place.

In Material A I have change the Discontin. ind. in MRP 4 screen to 1, mentioned a Effective Out Date (past date) and added the follow-up material as Material B.

Then I ran MRP for both Materials (A & B).

There is a new demand of 10 for Material B.

Since Material B is mentioned as the follow up material to Material A, I expected MRP to assign the balance stock (Qty 4) of Material A to Material B and generate requisitions for the balance requirement.

Instead purchase requisitions were generated for Qty 10 for Material B and the stock Req list for material A shows a Qty of 4 with a line saying - Effective Out Date(Past date I entered).

Am I doing the process wrong or is there any configuration involved? Can you please guide me in implementing Discontinued Materials in an environment where we don't use BOMs.

Thank you in advance.