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Feb 27, 2014 at 10:24 PM

Unable to send IDOCs from SAP PI 7.3 system to a NON-SAP system


Hi Experts,

We have a simple file to IDOC scenario in our SAP PI system. There is no mapping as the file is already in the IDOC-XML format.

However , the target system is a NON-SAP system. We are using a TCP/IP RFC destination to connect to it.

Here are the settings we have done,

1) Creates a 3rd party technical system and business system in SLD.

2) We have assigned a logical system name for the business system (LSKABA100).

3) Created a port in IDX1 with the same name LSKABA100 and assigned the TCP/IP RFC destination. The RFC destination is pinging fine.

4) Imported the metadata for the IDOC from a SAP port and copied the same to LSKABA100 port.

5) Created the sender agreement, receiver determination, interface determination and receiver agreement in ID.

When we send the file, there is an error on SM58 transaction of our PI system. It says "RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: IDocException occurred."

Other than that it does not provide a lot of details.

We have seen this thread and this blog but did not get any break through.

Please help us, if someone has any ideas.

Best Regards,

Ravikanth Talagana