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Feb 27, 2014 at 08:50 PM

Bex Range variable is greyed out when i open the query in Analysis Office



I would like to know the behaviour of the bex variable ( 3.5 version) in Analysis office for OLAP 1.4 version.

One of my user tried executing the report usind Bex Analyzer and can able to enter the range values for cal month. ex: jan1 2013 to jan 2014. and can able to execute the report.

But the same query when we tried to execute in AOLAP, it is behaving as Single value for only this query..

But for other queries it is working fine as interval in bex as well as AO.

So i would like to know, how will the behavior or funcitionality of the bex variables usgae in AO.

Thanks in advance.