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Feb 27, 2014 at 08:42 PM

Adobe Document Services Error : 405 - Method Not Allowed


Hi guys

After Upgrading a JAVA System from NW 7.01 to NW 7.4, I'm experiencing this error when opening url


Error: - Expected request method POST. Found GET.

Wizard Configuration for Adobe Document Services was completed without errors

I have done the User verification as stated by SAP Help and it returned Adobe Version as expected


  1. In your Internet browser, enter the Web address http://<server>:<port><server> : name of the AS Java where the Adobe Document Services (ADS) are installed<port> : port of the AS Java
  2. Enter the WS Navigator user and password.
  3. As Search Type , select Provider System .
  4. Search for * adobe *.
  5. In the list, choose AdobeDocumentServicesVi .
  6. Choose Next .
  7. Choose rpData .
  8. Choose Next .The parameters are displayed.
  9. Choose Next without entering any parameters.
  10. Enter the user name ADSUser and the respective password and choose OK .

Also verified all Services and they are Running

Any idea if on Netweaver 7.4 this URL changed or how can I access ADS?