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Feb 27, 2014 at 01:38 PM

Time Management - Wage type


Hi SAP Guru's

Can any one help me out with the below scenario on this issue,

OT is currently being calculated through table T510S in our system. however client has come up with some new requirement,

In my work schedule Saturdays and Sundays are off day, when employee clocks in on friday 10:00 and clocks out next day 04:00, which means saturday he works for 4 hours where i have to do a different OT calculation for him,

If the next day is public holiday i can achieve it through T510s by checking next day. But here is not a public holiday and day type is still blank, in this case how do i identify the next day i.e Saturday or Sunday? is it possible through a PCR or Standard itself?

Can any one help me out on this issue.?

Thanks in advance