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Feb 27, 2014 at 11:32 AM

Cannot create new Solution



I've a new installed and patched Solution Manager 7.1 stack level 10.

I'm trying to create a new Solution from workcenter SolutionManagerAdministration.

Using NEW button , I fill the pop up with the new solution name, default language left English) and then OK.

A log message appears on the left upper corner asserting that "Creation of Solution xxxx with language E was successfull".

But the solution doesn't appear in the list , same in SMSY. If I try to create it again , using the identical name, I get the same message, so it seems that the message doesn't say the truth.But nevertheless no solution is really created.

I tried another way: copy the existing default solution into a new one. In this case the new solution appears in the list, but when I go to SMSY to assign a logical component, as soon I select the solution I get a message in the status bar:

"The solution XXXX has not yet been migrated to solution directory"


The solution XXXX must first be transferred to the solution directory


Call up transaction Solution_Manager and in the overview of active solutions, select the Add to Solution Directory icon (last column)

Unfortunately the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER is no more active in this version....

Does anybody know why the creation is uneffective, an what the last message means , or what has to be done?

Thanks a lot