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Feb 27, 2014 at 08:50 AM

Second view data rendering into first view


Hi Experts,

  1. I am facing an issue in WebUI, My requirement is I need to display the marketing attributes in to two assignment blocks, one block contains only particular Marketing attributes and other block contains rest of the attributes data.
  2. For this i coped the standard view 'BP_DATA/MarketingAttributesEOVP ' into Z view and did all the required steps to display the data into WebUI.
  3. I have written the code in 'ON_NEW_FOCUS', i am able to display the data into UI but my issue is ( i.e the data in the second view is rendering in to the First view ), i am using 'me->collection_wrapper->add( iv_entity = entity )' to add the data, here 'collection_wrapper' instance is same for both the Methods.

You can identify the issue in the below screen

if i delete the binding code in the 'CREATE_ZATTRIBUTES' method in Context class its working fine,but i need to add new records in the second view also,with out binding the out put is like this,i need the output as like the below only.


Sateesh Uppada .