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Feb 27, 2014 at 12:59 AM

GRC 10.0 SP14 - Poblems when generating rules for logical systems


Hello Experts!

We recently updated a DEV system to SP14 and we're having issues regarding the rule set generation. I'd like to know if you have faced a similar problem after installing SP14. The details are described below:

Create a test function ZTEST_F1

The action PFCG is associated to a Physical System (Test Connector SP14) and to a Logical System (Sistema Logico Retail)

The logical system contains D05 among other connectors:

And it’s defined as a logical group:

The connector “test connector Sp14” points to the same system as D05.

Now I create another function, let’s say ZTEST_F2

Now let’s define a SoD Risk ZTSTSP14

Generate rules and after that we check GRACSYSRULE table for such risk and we get:

Let’s add more transactions:

Generate rules:

Now in the table we get:

The logical system has been added to the GRACSYSRULE table for the new combination and also the physical system TST_D05, but there's no combinations for the system D05 for example.

Now if we run SoD analysis:

We have four combinations for the physical system TST_D05 but only two for D05 that belongs to the logical system:

Do you have any clue? have you faced a similar problem?

Thanks in advance.




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