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Feb 26, 2014 at 09:01 PM

LRAW Datatype to BLOB in HANA : how to read it?


Hello All,

we have an issue in our project where A table having a field of data type LRAW is being
replicated using SLT into a HANA schema. This field type becomes data
type BLOB in the HANA schema.

we would like to get the text info stored in this field but it seems that HANA cannot read it.

It seems that the only possibility here is to investigate if datatype of this field can be changed in SLT configuration but not sure what type should be adopted for it to work.

Has someone faced this issue ? any suggestions are appreciated.



Target: SAP HANA schema

Question: How do we read the content of a field
having a data type BLOB in SAP HANA? For instance, displaying the first 5
lines of the text content of this field.