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Feb 26, 2014 at 04:33 PM

Putaway quantity does not show in Interim Storage Type 916


Hi all,

It could be a silly quesiton however would need your help with the issue below.

When I create Picking TO from Outbound Delivery, usually I will see the Pick Quantity from Source Storage Bin and Putaway Quantity showed in Interim Storage Type 916. However, for the warehouse I'm working on I could not see the Putaway Quantity showing in Sty 916, only Picking Quantity displayed from source storage bin.

For example, I created picking TO# 17439 to pick stock from storage type 001 to destination storage type 916. Here I only see the 'Pick Quantity' showing in storage type 001. I don't see 'Putaway Quantity' shows in Storage Type 916.

Would appreciate if anyone can provide some advices. Thanks.

Khanh Ngo