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Feb 26, 2014 at 02:10 PM

Check on Appraisal Forms


Scenario :

I want to apply few checks on appraisal forms.

I have 3 sections in my appraisal form and each section has its own effort assigned percentage. Now i want to apply check on all three section effort assigned sum must be equal to 100.

For example: section A, B, C. 50 + 30 + 20 = 100

If employee rate himself greater then 100 then system must stop him and show him message "Sum must be equal to 100".


1.: I done it through implicit enhancement and it is working fine when i run appraisal with in ECC system. But when i run appraisal from ESS/MSS then it does't trigger it. what will be the issue??

2: I activated external breakpoint for above enhancement but it does't stop it while i am running from ESS/MSS. How we can apply breakpoint on ESS / MSS??

3: I activated few badi's like HRHAP00_DOC_BC, HRPDV00APPRAISAL0003 and HRHAP00_COL_ACCESS. added filter in it and configured it through OOHAP_BASIC and PHAP_CATALOG_PA. But it does't trigger on both ECC and ESS/MSS.

I am stuck need your quick response will be appreciated.