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Nov 08, 2005 at 04:24 AM

Alert configuration



I have a problem with generating alerts within the XI environment. After following the documentation closely, our alerts are still NOT displayed in the inbox.

I can confirm the following:

The interface is a simple one that does NOT include a BMP process.

User Authorization - The XI user has all the authorization required

Scheduled Jobs - SXMSALERT_PROCESS_DATA_GET has been scheduled to run every 5 mins and the user has the correct auth

End-to-End monitoring - The Futher Settings options has been set to every 5 mins as per the documentation

Monitoring Systems - All levels have been set to 'high'

Alert configuration - Created a new alert category and also create a new alert rule in runtime work bench

Trace log has been enabled for the alert category

When I go to trx alrtcatdef, under

Settings->Configuration (Shift F7), under the processing section and choose the 'Internal processing option', no alerts are triggered or sent to the Alert inbox. Even if I run trx SLG1, I can't see a trace of any of the alerts.

If I choose the 'SMTP Forwarding as XML', then email ARE generated. So I can see that my alert is being sent to the configured external email address.

However, I cant seem to get the alert to show up in the Alert inbox.

I have looked at Michael's web logs (the example and the trouble shooting guides) and followed the instructions, but it did NOT resolve my issue.

Can you please inform me what other configuration (if any) is required to get my alerts to display in the inbox?

The strange this is that when I generate a test alert with program RSALERTTEST I can see these in the inbox.

What other config to I have to do to get my XI exceptions to show up in the inbox.

Thanx for your help.