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Feb 26, 2014 at 07:53 AM

SXMB_MONI SAP:System element is missing in Inbound Message


Hi Experts,

In one of my Proxy to File interface, I am using Dynamic file configuration at receiver channel. I have applied every setting which is required. And it is working perfectly fine in my Development environment. I have moved the same configuration in my Quality Environment.

But there, while executing this, I noticed one of step i.e. "System" along with "DynamicConfiguration" is missing in SXMB MONI. Any one having any idea, what could be the possible reason for it?

My current SXMB Moni don't have this step right from begining (screen 1 below). While in Devlopment SXMB_Moni (Screen 2 below) i can see "System" from begining and "DynamicConfiguration" under request message mapping step.

Any help will be great.

Thanks in advance!


SAPSystem.png (45.5 kB)
SAPSystem1.png (29.4 kB)
SAPSystem2.png (28.8 kB)