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Feb 26, 2014 at 06:34 AM

Define distribution list at Job Step Level


Hi Experts,

Background job is back again. Now the requirement is ' Can we add distribution list at job step level'.

I will explain the requirement properly.

I have one job and 4 reports are included in it that means you can say it is 4 step job.

They are in sequence means 1st report then 2nd then 3rd then last one.

Now user wants the output of only 3rd report.

But as far as i know i can add distribution list at job level.

means while creating job i define 'Distribution list',

Can i restrict it for step level.

My job YTEST1 has 4 report YVRD9050, YVRD9051,YVRD9052, YVRD9053.

And job is associated with one distribution list.

so after executing job oviously user will get 4 mails (for all reports output).

but they want mail only for 3rd report i.e YVRD9052.

so How to get this. how to restrict it at job step level.


A. Trivedi