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Feb 26, 2014 at 02:16 AM




VL10E: shows at the moment already: * "

Confirmed Qty

Open Qty

Unrestricted Stock

VL10E should show in addition two new fields on line level: *

"Total quantity allocated to deliveries" -> total quantitiy allocated to deliveries not yet post goods issued * "

Available stock for Delivery" -> calculated as "Unrestricted Stock" -

"Total quantity allocated to deliveries per plant" Both quantities need to be calculated for the plant code / storage location of the selected line. * "Delivery Priority from the order line level" VBAP-LPRIO VL10E shows today internal address ID of "Sold-to" and "ship-to" on line level: * It should show instead of the internal ID the "Ship-to" and "Sold-to" account number and name1

Please advise

Thank you in advance