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Feb 25, 2014 at 10:44 PM

PI 7.11 BPM correlation question


Hello PI Experts,

We have a BPM where we are correlating two messages (MSGX and MSGY) on one field (FLD1). The way BPM works is that MSGX comes in first and activates the correlation. When MSGY comes in, the BPM correlates both messages on FLD1 value and sends both messages if FLD1 are same between them. This works fine for one message. But, when we receive multiple MSGX in BPM with *same* FLD1 values then, we should also expect and receive multiple MSGY with *same* FLD1 values. What is happening is all MSGXs are getting released (send) by the first MSGY. So, the additional MSGYs are now without an Active correlation and blocks the queue.

Is there anyway to release just one MSGX for one MSGY? So, the 2nd MSGX gets released by 2nd MSGY? and so on?

Thank you for time.