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Feb 25, 2014 at 08:55 PM

Multiple Inputs to one RFC



I'm trying to pass some standalone values as well as two tables to a backend RFC.. however VC is calling the function twice. The second call does not include the standalone values (only the two tables I am passing)

I've had this issue with the old VC but I'm not sure how I got around it.. what is the proper way?

I have one event called 'toplevel'. I have connected my form and created a button that sends the event toplevel.

I have created two tables and connected them with the event *toplevel

I set a breakpoint in my RFC. It gets called twice.

The first time all data is passed correctly.

The second call only the tables are passed (no date is passed).

This is a big problem because the second call wipes out all my results/data.

I tried removing the *toplevel and replacing it with just toplevel (Removed the asterix). This does not pass the tables.

Not sure what to do next? How can I make sure it is only called once and it passes ALL values.




FirstCall.jpg (13.3 kB)
model.jpg (25.9 kB)
secondcall.jpg (15.0 kB)
asterixremoved.jpg (13.2 kB)