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Feb 25, 2014 at 08:17 PM

EPM 7.5 MS: Custom Measure appearing in ALL apps when defined for ONE


IN 7.5 MS I have a Custom Measure defined with IsVisible =1 , IsSytem = 0, IsYTD = 0. I added it to the MeasuresFormulaAPP table for just ONE application. App > newMeasure, but when I process another application in the same application set, the MeasuresFormulaApp table is updated with a copy of the measure assigning it to the processed application. This is not the behavior I expected. If I am setting the assignments in this table how do I prevent the Processing of an application from also updating it? The new measure is very application specific and will confuse end-users if it appears in other applications. Especially those users that do not have access to the custom application it really belongs to.