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Feb 25, 2014 at 04:06 PM

how to call a BI Query (side panel) with selections provided by "tags"?


With regards to my previous post () we're still not there yet. What we actually would like to do is call a BI Query in the side panel and have the variable for that report filled automatically via "wiring" (using a tag).

Basically we have a BI Query on a Transient Provider which "calculates" a couple of key figures with regards to a document number (shipment). The reason being before a shipment is to be "sent out" it should meet a couple of requirements (which are not immediately visible within the standard screens) concerning (sales) value, weight, etc...

We have successfully "tagged" the shipment number in the transactions concerned (VT01N - VT03N). Now, as per my previous post if we just add the BI Query as an analytic list component (WDC_BS_ANLY_LIST_ALV) we seem to be getting errors (as the variable is not passed on). To avoid the error, we have added a search component (FPM_SEARCH_UIBB).

So, now we get a "selection screen" in which we manually need to fill a shipment number and when we do, the results are correctly displayed.

Obviously, we would like to have this "variable" assignment to be done automatically via the tag.

What are we missing here?