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Feb 25, 2014 at 12:09 PM

Asset Sale from SD module


Hi All,

As per new business requirement we need to sale asset thru SD module. I found below solution in SCN.

I have few queries in the below Process.

Sale of fixed asset with Excise and Vat possible through the following way.

1. You have to create material master with non valuated with material group DIEN

2. create the new pricing procedure for sale of asset and other required configuration for sale of DIEN material.

3. Create the Output for sale of asset by coping your existing output.

4. Do the Sale of asset without customer from FI (Transaction Code ABAON)

Entries are like under

Asset a/c - Credit

Depreciation reserve - Debit

Profit/Loss on sale of asset -Dr/Cr(based on sale value)

Asset Sale Clearing Account -Debited

5. Create Sales order and do the billing(VA01 and VF01)

Customer account - debit

VAT a/c - Credit

Excise a/c- Credit

Asset Sale Clearing Account -Credit

at the time of asset sale without customer Asset Sale Clearing Account -Debited and at the time of billing Asset Sale Clearing Account -Credited.

If you have not completed the billing Asset Sale Clearing Account showing debit balance, when you complete the billing clearing account become Zero. In other words asset sale clearing account is linking between FI and SD.

Q.1- How do i get value in Non-valuated material. What steps need to be followed to get the same .

Please Guide.