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Feb 25, 2014 at 09:28 AM

What are the changes to be done on BW end during hardware change of source system?


Hello Gurus,

There is some hardware changes happening and I need help in certain things which I need to do from BW point of view. First of all, I have attached a figure showing my system landscape. I would kindly request you to go though the fig first.

For QA, initially we were using AG3 as the source system, now they have made the hardware changes, made a system copy of AG3 into the new system AEQ. We have connected our BW QA system to this new system AEQ. Now when I check the system, there are no data in set up tables (I am using SD and MM), but there are data in tables. But when I replicate data sources from AEQ to BW QA, the existing transformations and DTPs will disappear. So, that left me with 2 options-

1. Either transport old transformation and DTP from BW DEV to BW QA

2. Or create new transformation and DTP in BW QA system.

Can you experts please suggest me what should be the solution?

Also, please note that, the basis team started the hardware changes with ECC QA system for some reason. Once ECC QA is fine, they are planning to make the changes in ECC DEV system (from AG2 to AED). Currently, AG2 is connected to BW DEV and AEQ is connected to BW QA.

Can you please suggest me whether there will be any issue if we opt to transport transformation and DTP from BW DEV to BW QA when BW DEV is still connected to old source system? Or, is there any other easy way to sort this out? Please suggest?

Thanks a lot



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