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Feb 25, 2014 at 09:02 AM

Multi mapping with mutiple mappingsteps?


Hi PI experts.

Using PI 7.4 Java only and trying to make a mutimapping splitting an incoming message into mutiple messages using the following guide.

My operation mapping is as the picture showes.

When I do the mappings 1...1 then the mappings work.

One message in and out I get one correct message.

I tried to change the second mapping to 0...unbounded.

The mapping adds the Message and Message1 segments.

When i test the Operation Mapping after i activated it the Operation mapping only produces the two message segments and nothing else.

I then tried to change the first mapping to 0...unbounded. When I test the operation mapping now I have to add the Message and Message 1 segments and it works.

I then tried to process a file with my FTP adapter and ofcourse the mapping failed.

Do I have to add the Messaeg and Message1 segment in my content conversion?

How is this done because when I change the document name in the conten conversion the conversion fails.

Is this the correct way to make a split of messages in PI 7.4 Java obly or can I use the interface split functionality in the integration Flow in NWDS?

What shall I try next to make any progress?

Thanks for all the help I can get.



OP.PNG (33.0 kB)