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Feb 25, 2014 at 07:48 AM

Fit columns in 2 contexts into one crosstab


I have a universe which has 2 summary tables and 2 list tables, Now I have linked the one summary table to all list tables and created "Context1" and in the sameway linked second summary table to all list tables and create "Context2"

Now I am using these in a single webi report.

My issue here is when I create a crosstab with column in table 1 and context1 it is fine, but when I try to keed the column of table 2 in the cross tab it is giving me error "Incompatable Objects". But I need to add the columns of 2 tables in single cross tab how is it possible?

I am trying for the last few hours to solve this but with no success. Please help me to resolve this.