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Feb 25, 2014 at 06:37 AM

Returnable transport packaging for Subcontracting material


Dear All,

I have a doubt regarding a new process to be followed in our company. We need to issue raw material to our subcontractor for processing. We also intend to send packaging material to the subcontractor along with the raw material. Ie We are sending the raw material to the subcontractor along with the packaging material ( say, in boxes).

I would like to know how to address this issue.

What We tried

Standard SAP is allowing the vendor's Packaging material to be "received" from the vendor when we Purchase material from the vendor using movement type 501 'M'. After this, we are able to see this as a "special stock" as RTP ( Returnable Transport Packaging ) in T code MMBE. After this we can issue the packaging material back to the vendor using movement type 502 'M' . There is also a provision to send " our" packaging material to a customer through a Sale order, and receive it back from them.

But is there any standard process for sending "our" packaging to a subcontractor and receiving it back from them ?

We also tried including the packaging material in BOM, and sending it through 541 movement but in this case, when we perform Goods receipt ( 101 movement of the parent material ), the packaging material gets consumed, which should not happen. We want them back in stock.

We also tried using the option "Non - Ordered item" for the packaging material while performing Goods Receipt of the parent material. But this would increase the stock of the packaging material without us even issuing the same to the vendor initially. ie More stock will be there than is actually present.

So how else do we address this issue ?