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Feb 25, 2014 at 05:39 AM

inconsistent values for the same account (member)


Is someone facing the following issue:

We have a spreadsheet showing "Net Income" on row 24 with a correct (Default report). However, same account on row 36 (same account and all other dimension being the same as the default report and report002 all share Axi) show different
numbers. The problem seems to be related to how reports pull in
numbers that are parts of hierarchies. When we look at the data it is
correct but the reports seem to be hitting some road block.

Steps for Reconstruction

- Create a new report - 001
- Create another report - 002
- Refresh worksheet - different values for the same account are shown
- Select the value in report (click on the cell with the 'incorrect value'
- Refresh selected data - values now are equal
- Refresh worksheet again - different values for the same account are
shown again.