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Feb 24, 2014 at 03:40 PM

Dynpro subscreen (refresh content in PAI? possible?)



I'm new to ABAP programming, so it might be an easy question, I try to summarize the code and make it simple:

The PBO code is working, when I execute the program I can change the buttons attribute.

So, if I click the button it should become invisible or without input (or whatever), but the "Modify Screen" in PAI is not working, so I need something like a refresh.

(In debugger the attributes of SCREEN-INPUT are changed, so the code is working!).

If I add the code SET SCREEN 103 (subscreen of dynpro 100), there will be an error, because I am not allowed to do that, but I can SEE on the GUI that the button changed like I wanted .. so even if there is a dump, the refresh worked somehow.

Summarize it simple:

I have a subscreen-Dynpro in Tabstrips with a button. If I click the button, the button should disappear ... but nothing happen (but the code works in debugger).

I hope someone can help me,

I tried many things I could find here, but nothing worked.

I think I need something like OUTPUT (see PBO) here, but how? Maybe I have to place a AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT somewhere?

Thank you!!