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Feb 24, 2014 at 02:50 PM

Smart Work Manager for Maximo 7.5 Error - AddFieldWorkOrder


Hello. I am running into an issue during sending AddFieldWorkOrder. The Agentry Server starts fine and I am able to log into the ATE and transmit correctly. The Data and Complex Data Tables load correctly. But when I create a new field work order and try to transmit I run into a server error. I have tried other transmit functions from the handheld to Maximo and am receiving similar errors. I believe there is an issue reading the application class files, but I cannot seem to resolve the issue. I have attached a portion of the Server-Agentry log where the error is listed, but it doesn't give a lot of info.

I have exported the jar files into the D:\syclo\WorkManager\ServerDev\Java directory and extracted the class files into the D:\syclo\WorkManager\ServerDev\Java\Syclo\maximomobile\ directory

Here is what I have listed for the agentry.ini classpath and nonStandardJavaOptions


nonStandardJavaOptions=-Djava.endorsed.dirs=D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppClient\java\jre\lib\endorsed -Djava.ext.dirs=C:\jdk1.6.0_45\jre\lib\ext;D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppClient\lib;D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppClient\plugins

Any assistance in the matter would be greatly appreciated.



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