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Feb 24, 2014 at 03:00 PM

SAP GTS 10.1 - /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP Table Entries - Get Deleted Automatically


Hi Experts,

We have Upgraded from GTS 8.0 to GTS 10.1. Post Upgrade, we are trying to release Business partners from the Area Menu--> Sanctioned party List Screening--> Display Blocked Documents. After the Business partner is released and saved, new records are added into the table /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP; but within few minutes/ some times, even within a minute, the records are automatically deleted from the table. These records are supposed/expected to exist in the table.

We see that, when we release and save the blocked document, relevant entries get saved in the table /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP. But when there are any more blocked documents, the table /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP entries are deleted/wiped off within some time.

From the Txn-SM13 log, we see the following:

Function module: /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP_DB_DEL.

Type: V1

Update return code - Error (no retry).

On double click, the following is the resultant screen:

Please provide your inputs on this.

Thank you,



SM13_Error_1.jpg (111.2 kB)
SM13_Error_2.jpg (40.2 kB)