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Feb 24, 2014 at 08:01 AM

Master and Transaction Data check


can any one help me in checking the data between Master and Transaction data.

The actual Scenario is i have a master data say Customer ID Info Object and i have say 5 customer information like c01,c02...c05

I have used the same infoobject in key field of the DSO and Sales as the Data field.

Suppose am loading a transaction data to the DSO from flat file containing data for all the 5 customers and also for other customer say C06 which is not maintained in master data Info Obj.

My problem is the record c06 is getting updated automatically in Customer ID inf obj and data load does not through any ERROR message

in my case i want the transaction data to be verifies with master data and needs to get uploaded to the target DSO only if the data contains infomation about 5 customer c01 to c05.

Can any one provide a clear document to resolve the issue will help me a lot.