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Feb 24, 2014 at 07:26 AM

Initial stocks(Mvt:561) for MAP Material has price differences.



I have tested a scenario between A server and B Server.

the scenario is following :

1. Create Material Master (T-Code : MM01 / MAP : 10 USD per 1KG)

2. GR via MB1C. (Amount : 9 USD / 1 KG)

3. See if there is a price difference.

I Tested 2 different Server. But MM IMG Setting is same.

A Server has installed 10 years ago and updated till ECC 6.0.

B Server has installed 2months ago with the latest version.

Result for the scenario :

A Server : 10 USD for BSX / 9 USD for GBB-BSA & 1 USD for PRD-PRA

B Server : 10 USD for BSX / 10 USD for GBB-BSA ( without PRD-PRA )

I think B Server's result is correct.

And I want to know why A Server has price difference.

Any ideas would be appreciated.